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About Us
At Backwoods Brew, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality e-liquid on the market.  We have searched far and wide in selecting the best quality PG and VG, which are both 100% pure and USP Kosher.  The flavorings that we use in our e-liquids originate from numerous flavoring artisans and are the result of an exhaustive search for the most realistic and palate pleasing in the industry.

The complexity of our e-liquids is what separates Backwoods Brew from the masses.  Many of our e-liquids are the product of multiple flavorings.  This process is time consuming and is more expensive to develop compared to other vendor's single flavorings and their one-stop flavor shopping approach.

It is our endeavor to capture the most realistic and appealing flavors in the e-liquid industry and offer a product incomparable to others with its own Backwoods Brew uniqueness.

Thanks for shopping with us!

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