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CE-4  Cartomizer
Manufacturer: Bauway
Item Id: CE-4
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CE-4 Cartomizer
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These are priced per carto (1ea)

The CE4  Clearomizer, also known as the "Stardust" by other vendors.  They hold approximately 1.6mL of eliquid, has a clear, hard plastic body that is sealed on the bottom with a O-ring to prevent leaks. They have a removable mouthpiece that unscrews then pulls straight out to be able to refill it and is also sealed with an O-ring. They are clear and built like tanks with graduated numbers on the side to know exactly how much eliquid you have left. To fill, simply unscrew the mouthpiece about two turns and pull the mouthpiece off and fill either dripping the liquid down the inside or using a syringe. Do not drip liquid down the center air post.

They are testing at 2.4 ohms +/- .2 ohms

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